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Transformer Maintenance

Proper testing and maintenance performed at the predefined intervals can uncover a problem before a unit fails resulting in costly outages. It is therefore of utmost importance to have planned preventive maintenance programs. Maintenance should include comprehensive oil testing as defined in the quality system. Maintenance and evaluation of results should be based upon internationally accepted guidelines, ie ASTM; IEC; Doble; SD Meyers and ABB.

Test results should then be used for the following:

  Frequency of planned maintenance
  Evaluation of expected performance of transformer fleet
  Replacement of transformers

In this business area our service technicians are daily on the road to perform the following functions on transformers from 1MVA up to 800 MVA:

   After installation during warranty periods
   Units stored as strategic spares
   Units in operation
   Oil Sampling
   Paint Spot Repairs
   Welding Leaks
   Gasket Leaks
   Bushing Replacements
   Protection Component Replacements
   Radiator Replacements
   Oil Passivation
   Infrared Thermography
   Oil Vacuum Filtering
   Investigate In-tank Inspections
   Tap Changer Replacement and repairs
   Transformer Inspections
   Inspection Finding Reports

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