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Welcome NNN Group

NNN Group PTY LTD offers the customer a one-stop-shop from installation, commission and ultimately maintenance of a full range of power and distribution transformers all the way up to the very large power transformers of voltages up to 400kV and ratings of 795MVA. But once you have bought your equipment, you need to have peace of mind that it will perform at its best throughout its entire lifespan. NNN Group comprises a number of highly qualified and specialised engineers and technicians that have a combined experience and unsurpassed expertise of over 15 years in installing and commissioning of transformers and related equipment as well as service, maintenance and performance monitoring thereof.

A One Stop Shop for all Solution

We are able to provide an all-encompassing service for any unit from 16 kVA up to 800MVA at voltages up to 765kV, starting with installation and commissioning followed by maintenance of transformers to monitoring the conditions that the transformer is expected to perform under. Our highly qualified and competent commissioning engineers are able to undertake a guaranteed complete electrical testing and commissioning of transformers and

Primary activities

  • Inbound logistics: For NNN Group (Pty) Ltd Inbound Logistics activities are associated with purchasing components and raw material during installation from OEM or utility. The supply chain management will be managed in a solid manner so as to pass the competitive advantage to our customers

  • Operations: There will be one operations facility to begin with; which is located in the industrial area of Pretoria West. The service will be offered at site near the Powertech Transformers’ Pretoria facilities

  • Outbound logistics: NNN Group (Pty) Ltd have a storage facility for keeping components destined for installation. However, customers are responsible for costs associated with the transportation of specific components required at site. The company offers the delivery of the items if there are no specific transportation requirements. The company will offer services to coordinate the transportation; at a fee

  • Marketing and sales: NNN Group (Pty) Ltd use catalogues and brochures for marketing and sales. These brochures are distributed to transformer users and OEMs. An extensive online and social media drive will be embarked upon to keep abreast with current advertising platforms

  • Service: Warranty is offered on the work done. As one of the primary activities in the value chain; Quality of Service is addressed by NNN Group (Pty) Ltd using techniques and practices that allow for a feedback loop from service provider to customer and back. Telephonic and online facilities for customer satisfaction assessment queries will be provided.

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